Custom Software Development Services

Upscale technologies offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands. Our skilled specialists know the game of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.

Our value

  • Full-stack skills- suit complex end-to-end solution implementations powered by our application-level competencies
  • Business analysis skills- help assess requirements feasibility to define the adequate project scope
  • Knowledge of solution architecture- Helps transform business requirements into relevant technical solution building strategies
  • UX/UI principles- Help create convenient, useful, and visually compelling applications
  • Cost of ownership- The software solutions we build rely on optimal architecture and technology to be scalable, load-resistant, secure, hostable, and maintainable in terms of employed commercial or open-source tech licenses
  • Software developer maturity- Our software engineers have solid background and hands-on experience of developing tech-intensive and research-driven software solutions.


At the very beginning we discover the project scope and goals, conduct requirements elicitation, analysis and validation to deliver complete documentation and prepare a project plan. Prior to project kickoff we also offer technology consulting to implement the most suited technology stack and well-thought out system architecture.


With full-stack development expertise, software architecture competences and industry- specific knowledge, Upscale develops, customizes and migrates software solutions for specific business needs and domains. Our services include application testing, integration with the existing environment and software deployment.


To guarantee stable work and relevancy lasting after solution deployment, we deliver maintenance and support services. They include 3 levels of support for applications developed by us or by any third-party vendor, application upgrade and improvements, performance monitoring and security audit, OS and server migration.

How We Work

Agile - Scrum

An iterative development model that works best for fast-moving projects with vaguely defined and likely-to-change requirements.
Its iterative and incremental software development methodology is designed to build products faster. Scrum uses short timeboxed development cycles (called sprints), with each sprint resulting in potentially shippable functionality delivered
Scrum underscores close interaction between the development team, the Scrum Master (SM), and the Product Owner (PO). The three parties rely on constant communication to formalize requirements for the next sprint, discuss progress in the current one, and report on the work done.
Are you trying to release faster and more frequently without sacrificing quality in the process? Do you need greater development predictability amidst changing requirements? Let us show you how we can help.


A classic, linear approach to development suitable for projects with a clearly defined scope, budget, and timeline.
Waterfall relies on the classic sequential software development paradigm that is easy to understand. Waterfall projects typically share the following characteristics:
  • Fixed project scope- Once the requirements have been defined and agreed upon, the project scope is fixed. Any additional features in the course of the development are processed according to the change control procedure and estimated separately.
  • Linear development- Each project phase is executed only after the previous one has been fully completed. Project phases do not overlap.
  • Detailed documentation- Documentation can either be provided by the customer, or produced during the requirements elaboration stage.

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